Kevin’s Return

After seven months away from HOOP I was finally able to return to continue the great work that these volunteers are doing. Every day there truly is a complete joy, but my first day will always hold a spot in my heart. Not only was it great to walk up and see the same kids that I had bonded so much with there waiting for their class, but to hear my name screamed and be rushed at just warmed my heart ever so much. Even some of the parents that I had limited contact with came and said hello with a traditional peruvian kiss and hug. After their class, two of the students that I had especially bonded with, (Jose Maria, And Joel David ) went to the corner store to buy me an ice-cream.

Upon my arrival I was asked to help in the department of fundraising, and I am proud to say that just this week with the help of all the volunteers we raised almost 600 soles. I am ecstatic to be back and hope to help in any way I can.

Me as Santa Claus at this years Christmas Party

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