Classroom Chronicles: Our Teachers` Funniest Moments at HOOP

As a
continuation of our monthly communications theme teaching, we would like to share
with you the most fun experiences some of our current volunteers had as teachers so far.

Volunteering in an organization with a purpose can be a very rewarding task and leaves an impression of a lifetime. To get a great insight about the fun and joy a volunteer can experience in a non-governemental organization such as HOOP, we asked our volunteers about their most fun moments in the classroom or on the playground.

A big advantage for HOOP students
is to have teachers from all over the world and learn about various
nationalities. The HOOP students are therefore confronted with a lot of
different cultures with many different appearances on a constant basis. Florian for example is a
22 year old volunteer from Belgium and teaches the Kangaroo class. Apparently he
is a lot taller than normal Peruvian people. While their average height is at
5.4 ft. Florian is 6.3 ft. tall. For the students that is quite astounding and
Florian`s funniest moment as a teacher with HOOP was when his students painted
the below picture for him.

Thanks to so many diverse characters, classes at the HOOP
school are never boring and even after school is over, kids have the chance to
play at the Cancha – the playground near our school. HOOP volunteers are always
involved in every game; sometimes even more than expected.
Jakob, our volunteer from Germany for example was just resting for a bit when a
little boy jumped on his back and screamed in his ear: VOLAR – which means fly.
So Boeing 747 Jakob took off and flew
with his little passenger over the Cancha. As soon as they landed there were already a lot
more passengers waiting to take a ride in this comfortable aeroplane as well.

One of the daily tasks for the students at the HOOP school is to brush their teeth and learn about oral hygiene. But as you can see in the photo above, the toothpaste is not always going where it is supposed to go, so as you can see, there is never a dull moment at our school
up in Flora Tristan. The children always keep the teachers on their feet, but
that`s all part of the fun of course.

Written by Charlette Voss

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