Get your Exclusive HOOP T-Shirt

Would you like get involved with HOOP, but you are not able to volunteer directly in Perú right now? No, problem, because unil the 3rd of November 2014 you have the opportunity of getting an exclusive T-Shirt from HOOP. If you buy a shirt you can create an enormous impact for HOOP students and at the same time you can also help us spread the word about HOOP.
We are selling the T-Shirts in partnership with Teespring. The talented German artist René
Siepman kindly designed a T-Shirt for HOOP that will be on sale until Monday
the 3rd of November. He designed the guinea pig with a hula hoop as a tribute
to HOOP and to Peru.

The shirts are available for men and women and we also have tank tops (international shipping is available!). They sell for $20 and all proceeds of the sale will help raise money to employ a psychologist to work with our community in Flora Tristan.
Please help
us reach our target of 50 shirts!
Just click on the
link below to choose your style, color and size, and you will receive your
shirts 14 days after the campaign ends on November 3rd: 
We need to sell 50 shirts by November 3rd for
this campaign to happen. If we do not reach our goal, your credit card will not
be charged, but sadly the shirts will not be printed either. So please spread
the word about this sale by sharing via social media, word of mouth or email. 

So, if you haven`t
got any Christmas presents yet, then why not buy this cute shirt for your
friends and family?
Written by Tamara Lowe

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