Teaching kids how to think, instead of what to think

Teachers usually go to
their classroom very well prepared, knowing that they have to get the students through standardized tests, and
prepare them for the standardized systems of either universities or the working
world. This often tends to include teaching the children what to think instead of encouraging them to think for themselves though. But in a world where not everything is always perfect, wouldn`t it be more beneficial for students to become more self aware and stimulate them to
think for themselves and also challenge opinions?

Encouraging students to solve problems by themselves and not just say there is
only one correct answer is very important in order to improve their creative and critical thinking. A lot of children just have to memorize facts, but then they don`t know how to apply their knowledge in real life. Teachers could assist their students to do exactly that though.

For HOOP teachers it is very important to not crush the genius within the child, but to tickle it out of
them, because intelligence is not always about the ability to remember and
repeat, but also about the ability to apply one`s knowledge on an every day
basis. Most of us are wrong at times, including teachers, so sometimes it is important not take the word of authorities all the time, and challenge them when necessary as well.
Sometimes it may also be worth for teachers to listen to their students too, because a lot of the times when you listen to someone else`s perspective or experience, you learn something new as well, even it is is from a child.

Written by Charlette Voss

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