Which animal can breath through its bottom?

Did you know that turtles can breath through their bottoms?
I have learned this important fact during one of the weekly trivia night fundraisers hosted by HOOP Peru at
the Wild Rover Hostel in Arequipa.

In last week’s fundraiser, HOOP volunteers
raised over 200 soles towards funds to hire a social worker at HOOP`s Flora
Tristan School. HOOP and its devoted staff have continuously held these
fundraisers in the name of education and well-being for the community members of Flora Tristan.
Each Wednesday night, HOOP volunteers organize the trivia night, come up with questions and host the actual quiz night for knowledge-hungry backpackers from across the world.

These fundraisers are necessary because the children HOOP works with live in difficult circumstances and they need staff
that can regularly cater to all their needs, whether it be academically or emotionally.
A social worker would provide that additional support for the children and their parents and would also be able to uplift the confidence of individuals and make them realize their potential for achieving success in the years to come. Furthermore a social worker would be able to strengthen relationships and resolve personal, family and social problems. 

One of our bonus rounds is often a limbo dance, which is always great fun!

If you are based in Arequipa then why not attend one of HOOP`s weekly quiz nights and use your brain for a very good cause? We would love to see you there!

– Written by Sam Eisenberg

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