HOOP gets lessons in business from some sharp Wharton MBA students!

This week we’ve been lucky enough to have four bright MBA
students from The Wharton School on the HOOP team, who are helping us be even
more effective as an NGO. The group has developed some new key performance
indicators for us, to help keep us focussed on our vision of breaking Flora Tristan
free of poverty forever. With such a wealth of skills and experience, we’ve
been very lucky to have them this week!
In between meetings, presentations and an energetic
workload, I managed to find a brief moment to catch up with them!

A bit of background

Eun Jung Ro, from South Korea, has more than three years’ management
consulting experience. As a member of the social impact team for her last job,
helping NGOs and social enterprises become more effective is a subject close to
her heart.
Lesley Duong Do, from Vietnam, completed an undergraduate degree
in finance. She has worked in market research and consulting. 
Rekha Marda grew up in both the US and India, before
graduating from New York University with a major in Finance.  She spent four years working in investment banking.
Her passion for education for children began in India after teaching English
for a year.
Eunsoo Shin, from South Korea graduated from Seoul National
University with a major in Pharmacy. After graduating she worked in consulting
and commercial banking. Her passion for NGO activities began after working with
a child education and health NGO in Nairobi.

Why will this be a valuable experience for you?

Lesley: “As someone coming from a developing country,
education and poverty eradication is a topic that is dear to my heart.
I greatly value this opportunity to make a meaningful
contribution to the organization and the community.”

Eun Jung: “I love that I can apply some of the skills I
learnt from consulting towards educating children and contributing to the
Rekha:  “I am really
interested in helping educate children, so feel really great about helping HOOP
deliver on its mission of alleviating poverty through education. By working on
the project, I am getting the chance to learn more about the workings of
education non-profits. This will be very valuable to me in future volunteer
Eunsoo: “I want to learn about Peruvian culture and meet people here.
For me, I strongly believe that I cannot say that I know Peru after just visiting
Machu Picchu, without interaction with Peruvians!”

What attracted you to work with HOOP?

Rekha: “I really liked how professional and competent the
management of HOOP is. During my first few conversations with Alison, I was
struck by how knowledgeable she is and how well HOOP is run, particularly given
its small scale.”
Eun Jung: “I have so much respect for the staff and
volunteers at HOOP who live up to their passion and beliefs – they are a true
Lesley: “This is my first time in Peru and South America in
general. I feel really lucky to not only have the chance to visit the place,
but also to work with an amazing and committed team, to bring a positive impact
to the community.”

What are your first impressions of Arequipa and Peru?

Lesley: “I am so glad to have Arequipa as the first city I
visited in Peru. Everyone that I have met has been truly friendly, welcoming
and helpful. I also got a chance to visit a family in the Flora Tristan
community and to see how much they value education and the work that HOOP is
Eun Jung: “The best part so far is when I visited a family –
I felt so lucky to be able to contribute to the community of such warm, wise
and confident people.”
Eunsoo: “Arequipa is a beautiful city. I don’t think I can
forget the beautiful scenery of the Plaza de Armas at night.”
Working alongside the girls has been an absolute pleasure,
and we can’t wait to put into practice what they have taught us this week! We wish
them all the best with the rest of their MBA!

Written by Oliver Adams

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