School is Back!

We began our teaching programme this week! With some new faces and some who have taught before, it was great to get back in the swing of things. More kids than ever have showed interest in being part of our lessons and it is amazing to see so much enthusiasm.

I somehow managed to find a second to catch up with some HOOP volunteers to see how the first week went!

So far I have been getting to know my class better. Finding out their level of English was an integral part as well in order to make sure that all the kids reach a similar level! It is a challenging but very inspirational experience.

Cancha time is a highlight for me, It’s just so rewarding to see the kids smiling non-stop.

For anyone thinking of volunteering, what could be better than facilitating the future prospects of impoverished kids by sharing your knowledge and gaining a unique experience. No money in the world could ever make up for it!

Nikky, from Taiwan, teaches the Butterfly class.

I teach the butterfly class, which is the youngest! We read story books for the kids, we paint and also sing songs. The kids are really cute, and the love from them is so pure! They always run up to me like little angels. To anyone who is thinking about volunteering..don’t think, just do it! It’s the best experience.

Misha, from England, teaches our Koala class

In lessons this week we have been learning about Earth Day. We also play games and sing songs! I have a lot of kids in my class but I am enjoying getting to know them and taking it one day at a time. Cancha time is a lot of fun, and usually involves skipping with hundreds of happy kids!


Silvia, from Italy, teaches the Parrot class

The kids seem really interested in art or word games like hangman. As I teach a younger class, we start off with some exercises so they are ready to pay attention when the class begins.

Teaching in Flora Tristan is a great way to get to know a different culture, and the memories will stay with you forever!

Would you like to teach at HOOP?

If you like the sound of teaching with us, then we would love to hear from you!

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