Fundraiser Peru Marathon Volunteer

A double Iceland marathon to support HOOP kids in Arequipa

Last year Anita and Martin Hornbrook volunteered for HOOP here in Arequipa, and after experiencing first hand the work that we do were so impressed, that they decided to take their commitment to our cause to a whole new level. As such, they will walk a double marathon in order to raise funds for our kids in the community of Flora Tristán. They have both been training extremely hard over the last few months, and on the 27th and 28th of August, they will go to Iceland to walk not one, but two marathons to help raise funds for our community school and the other programs that we run. HOOP runs an English school program in Flora Tristán, as well as helping the community through social work, health and psychology programs. However, making these programs sustainable over the long-term requires funding and therefore our HOOP volunteers have become vital partners in achieving this aim.

Both Anita and Martin know very well the projects that we run for the children and moms in the community, and as Anita stated: “I visited the project in April 2016 and was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with the amazing children and volunteers there. It’s a wonderful project that will be a big motivator as I attempt to walk more than 52 miles over one weekend.” At the same time, they are both aware that we are a small NGO in need of support and that their marathon can be really helpful: “the project can’t exist without basic things like a space to teach, and just £1,000 will give the project a safe and clean space to teach for a whole year.”

Fundraiser Peru Marathon Volunteer
Anita and Martin

The two-day marathon will take them through some magnificent scenery in southern Iceland with challenging distances and a lot of physical and mental effort, but this isn’t an obstacle for them as they feel inspired by our charity work: “we are supporting the wonderful work carried out by the volunteer teachers and health professionals at the Escuela de HOOP.” They will trek and camp under the midnight sun, and will encounter roaring hot springs, volcanic deserts, ice caves, river crossings, and a glacial valley along the way.

Our former volunteers will be joined by another 200 adventurers who will take part in a challenge that also involves over 500 charities seeking support from most of the participants. Anita and Martin are determined to go the extra mile to raise funds for HOOP, especially as we recently just turned four years old and achieved some important goals for our kids. HOOP has provided more than 5000 hours of English classes, 115 hours of art classes, and given 562 free health checks to community members.

Help us achieve Anita and Martin´s goal of raising £1,000 by making a donation to their crowdfunder page.

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