8 reasons to be excited about HOOP UK

Big news. HOOP has been approved as a registered charity in the UK! HOOP UK has joined the global HOOP family, along with HOOP Peru, HOOP Austria, HOOP Taiwan and HOOP St Vincent and the Grenadines. Okay, maybe that last one was made up.

Not only are we thrilled that our plan to take over the world is moving along nicely, having a sister organisation in the UK opens new opportunities for our programs in Flora Tristán. We’re excited, and here are eight reasons why you should be too!

1. The British people are a generous bunch. According to the World Giving Index, the UK is the most charitable nation in Europe and the sixth most charitable in the world. Now we can tap into that generosity with HOOP UK, and Britain can bump Myanmar from the number one spot.

2. We’re expanding the HOOP family! A large chunk of our volunteers come from the UK, and now we can attract even more. Being UK registered will place us on the radar of more volunteers in the UK and worldwide so we can find good, experienced teachers for our Flora Tristán school.

3. Access to Gift Aid. UK taxpayers donate to HOOP UK through the Gift Aid program, and the government tops it off with an extra 25%. So £100 turns into £125!

4. Access to cool UK fundraising tools. For example, through easyfundraising.org.uk you can donate to UK charities when you make online purchases without paying anything extra (so you can balance out the guilt of any impulse buys).

5. More grant funding. HOOP UK can apply for grants available only to UK organisations with charitable status.

6. You’re reading our blog so you already know we’re awesome, but for those who don’t know us yet, being UK registered means we have to meet standards of governance and reporting that gives people more confidence in our work.

7. Potential UK partners and sponsors will be more interested in supporting HOOP, which could pave the way for valuable relationships to sustain HOOP’s projects in Flora Tristán in the long-term.

8. Sustainability for the future of HOOP’s projects. Those UK-based HOOPsters totally have our back. Now we just have to make HOOP St Vincent and the Grenadines happen and the possibilities for the future development of Flora Tristán will be endless.

Like to get involved with HOOP UK? Get in touch with us at uk@hoopperu.org


Words by Maggie Shui

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