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Four years old! (And other exciting numbers)

Just like many of the kids in Butterfly class, we were born in 2012 and have been growing ever since. To celebrate, we had a big party in the Cancha near the school with games, cake, balloons, dancing and musical performances. Other than reaching the big 0-4, we took a look at some other number milestones at HOOP:

5,000 hours of English classes

Yep, we have taught more than 5,000 hours of English classes. And not just to kids, but to the mums as well (at their request!). And since every HOOP school day ends with an hour of cancha (playtime), we have had a further 5,000+ hours of cancha as well.

115 hours of art classes

Our art program got into full swing in 2015. Since then we have been painting, drawing, sticking, gluing, sculpting and being completely – well – abstract, two times a week. It’s one of our most popular programs and is a great chance for kids to unleash their creativity.

562 free health check-ups

Free healthcare is hard to come by in Peru. That’s why we’ve been providing free check-ups for four years. In that time we have given more than 500 free dental and health checks thanks to doctors visiting from local health institutions and from as far away as Canada, the UK and Taiwan.

4 more friends!

One of our exciting achievements this year is that mums who have taken part in our programs for a year have four more friends on average than those who just joined (who often have very few or no people they would describe as a friend). Having friends is an important part of social inclusion and brings benefits including increased happiness, independence and overall wellbeing. Building friendship, trust, and social support networks is one of the aims of our social work program so this is a great achievement and something we’ll be exploring more in an upcoming blog.

37 parents’ workshops in 2016

Our support for grown-ups has stepped up in the past year, mostly thanks to our Social Work program. But let’s not forget our psychology program, mum’s club and regular health, nutrition and other workshops given by local professionals – all helping build confidence and independence of women in the community.

300 hours of one-on-one psychological or social support

Our social work and psychology programs are having  huge impact on the lives of women, some of whom are victims of physical, emotional, or economic abuse and do not know where to turn. Others are simply trying to become better people and build a better future for their families. With more than 6 hours of one-on-one support available to women every week with our social worker and psychologists, many of these women are finding a new start in life.

9 women completing Dreambuilder

Dreambuilder is a program that teaches the skills needed to start a small business. We are very proud to have provided this program for two years, with nine women successfully graduating.

4 ‘Saturday clubs’

Saturday club has been a huge success. Particular shout outs for our hugely popular Creative Writing clubs and Science Club.

293 volunteers

We would never have been able to do all this without the help of 293 volunteers from 36 countries. You know who you are, and we just wanted to say


Happy Birthday HOOP!

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