Jennifer Volunteer Coordinator at HOOP Peru

Meet Jennifer: HOOP’s new Volunteer Coordinator

We’re very excited to welcome Jennifer Lazo Mora to the HOOP team as our new Volunteer Coordinator! Our current Program Assistant intern, Jessica, interviewed Jennifer in this week’s blog.

Welcome to the HOOP team, Jennifer! Tell us a bit about yourself

I am originally from Arequipa, and have lived here my whole life (apart from three years when I lived in the nearby city of Juliaca). I really love Arequipa’s warm sunny days that I can spend going on walks and chatting with friends.

In my free time, I like to sing. A few years ago, I attended a singing school in Arequipa, and when I spent some time in England visiting family and volunteering, I also decided to join a choir. To be fair, I don’t think my singing is that good, rather singing, for me, is a way to express my feelings.

HOOP's Volunteer Coordinator at work

What are your passions in life?

I am really interested in other cultures and I always wanted to travel and visit foreign places. When the opportunity to visit family in England arose, I went for it. During my time in England, I volunteered for a charity shop raising funds for Cancer Research. Because I really like children I also decided to volunteer for a Montessori school that focused on alternative teaching methods.

This helped me realise that education can change a life. I wanted to take the vision of professionalism and dedication that I witnessed in working for the charity shop and the Montessori school in England and bring it here to Peru.

HOOP Volunteer Coordinator at Cancha

What inspired you to want to be HOOP’s Volunteer Coordinator?

During my time at university, I realised I enjoyed the area of social project management because throughout my life I had always been concerned about problems in society. I also feel very blessed because I have had so many opportunities that others have not had. For me, it’s not only a privilege, but also a responsibility to help others. It touches me deeply when I see women and children that are disadvantaged and I get angry seeing all of the inequities I see in my country.

Seeing all of the activities HOOP does in Flora Tristán made me think , ‘I would like to use my abilities and my background to help HOOP.’

How is it going so far?

I started working with HOOP this month and it has been a great experience so far. The most challenging thing about my job so far is filling the shoes of the current Volunteer Coordinator, Julie! But there are so many people here that I can learn a lot from so I’m looking forward to my time here.

HOOP Volunteer Coordinator at Cancha

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

The best part of being the Volunteer Coordinator is seeing the children up at the school, and seeing how happy they are with HOOP. It’s also really rewarding to see how the moms are benefiting so much from workshops and HOOP’s Social Work program. I am excited about meeting people who all want to help society in general, but I am most excited to see how HOOP will grow and improve things in the community.

If you were a new addition to the crayon box, what colour would you be and why?

Purple is my favourite colour. I see myself as kind of a laid back with many things and I am also really open to listen to people. It is really tough for me to get angry with others so for these reasons I think purple describes me well.


Welcome to HOOP, Jennifer! If you have any questions about volunteering at HOOP, feel free to email Jennifer on


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