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Our Annual Report is out (and it’s just for you)

We published our latest annual report – just for you!

As a HOOP supporter, we want you to know what we’re up to, how we have spent your donations and what programs we ran for the people of Flora Tristán.

We want you to know how much money we raised (and from where), and how much we spent (and on what). How many hours of English classes did we teach and how many children and parents did we work with? How many volunteer teachers did we have and what did they do in 2015? What new programs did we start and what did we expand?

Being transparent about what we do is important to us because it give people confidence in HOOP. As a small Peruvian organisation, relying on the generosity of people around the world, that’s a big deal. It means we can maintain and grow the amazing support we have from awesome people like you – which means we can continue and expand our work in Arequipa.

So here it is. Just for you. Our 2015 Annual Report.

For all our past reports, go to For our latest report in Spanish, please check back soon on our reports webpage.


HOOP's year in numbers

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