Are you looking to work with a charity to support your organisation’s corporate social responsibility? Find out how you can become a HOOP partner and support our vision of breaking the cycle of poverty in Flora Tristán.

At HOOP, we aim to keep our impact big and costs small. As an organisation with limited resources, we are seeking a partner that supports our cause and values to help ensure the sustainability of our programs.

“Securing ongoing support is fundamental to the future of HOOP. We are committed to the Flora Tristán community for the long-term, and hope to find partners who shares our vision.” – Lucas Luna, Director of Communications and Development.

“HOOP has brought the community together, given our children a unique opportunity and provides services and opportunities that would normally be far out of reach for my family. We hope to see HOOP grow so that even more families can join the HOOP community and get the same kind of support.” – Lucy (Mum of a HOOP student)

As a charitable partner, HOOP aims to be accountable and transparent, working hard to get the biggest possible impact from every dollar spent. With an experienced communications team, HOOP will work closely with your organisation in communicating the impact of the project in line with your organisation’s CSR goals.

To see our latest annual reports, including a breakdown of our funding and budget, click hereclick here.

To find out how you can work with us, email