HOOP Bus Adventures (Bajaaaa)

Squinting into the reflected sunlight on the bus windows I can just about make out the words “Villa Fontana” printed in an elegant typescript underneath “Villa Paraiso”, “Saga” and “Metro” – other destinations displayed in the windscreen. Waiting with me on the corner of the street, also known as the ‘bus stop’ boasting no label … Continue reading HOOP Bus Adventures (Bajaaaa)

Jess taking on the Butterfly class

Finally, after months of planning and preparation I have arrived in the beautiful city of Arequipa with plans to spend the next four months volunteering with HOOP Peru. I had initially planned to take on the role as the “assistant” in the newly created Mother and Toddler Class. However, once I arrived we began discussing … Continue reading Jess taking on the Butterfly class

Day in the Life of a School Coordinator

So, ever wondered what Flora Tristan’s school co-ordinator gets up to during those sunny, lethargicArequipeñan weeks? Desperate to know the gossip that goes on behind those dark, mysterious, volunteer house doors?  Well. Maybe not…but you’d be loco not to want to find out now…right? Ahem. So I have been in Arequipa for two months now. … Continue reading Day in the Life of a School Coordinator