2015 was the year HOOP broke a world-record!

On 7 December 2015, 18 HOOP volunteers climbed 6,075m and broke the world record for hula-hooping at high altitude!

Whilst doing this, we also raised more than $12,000 to support the HOOP project in Arequipa, Peru.

Find out more about our work.

As well as becoming world record holders, we raised more than $12,000 for HOOP!

We were just as ambitious with our fundraising as we were determined to break the record for altitude hula-hooping. For less than an average salary for a teacher in the USA, we run a school for 100 children and parents.

With the money we raised, we can fund  school rental (for one year), a brand new math program, books, classroom equipment and supplies for extra-curricular programs, teacher training and volunteer support/coordination and our new social work program with a certified social worker.


How we will spend the money raised pie chart

Out-takes video

When you're climbing a 6000m volcano, there's no time for dignity. Have a look at our finest (or dumbest) moments documented in video. We've given our sweat, tears and now our pride.

Latest World Record updates


We did it!

7th December 2015

At 1:30am this morning we were sleep deprived, battling altitude sickness and leaving our Chachani base camp for the 6075m summit. Some hours later, we're still sleep deprived... but we're also world record holders for high altitude hula-hooping. WE DID IT!


We're ready to break a world record!

5th December 2015

Yesterday our friends at Chaqchao hosted a send-off party for us - and we got to show off our hula-hooping skills and eat lots of cake. Today we went to Patapampa (at around 4900 masl) to acclimatise and test out hula-hooping at a higher altitude. Tomorrow we begin our climb towards the summit and (hopefully) hula-hooping fame - wish us luck!


We've got t-shirts!

1st December 2015

We finally got our team t-shirts, featuring an amazing logo made by our friend Jen. With less than a week to go we're more ready than ever to take on Chachani, all in blue! Today is also #GivingTuesday, so why not take this chance to support us


We've passed $10.000!

18th November 2015

We can't quite believe it - thanks to your support we've already gone beyond our initial fundraising target of $10.000. We are incredibly grateful for all donations and for all the support we are getting in our ambitious fundraiser challenge. With three weeks to go, you can still support us here


A day of teambuilding

17th November 2015

Even though us HOOPsters know each other pretty well by now, this Sunday we all had a day of teambuilding and bonding. With less than three weeks to go, we are getting super excited!


Meet the volunteers!

9th November 2015

As it's only a couple of weeks until we are hulahooping on Chachani, it's time to meet the volunteers who are doing the challenge. Check out our latest video: https://youtu.be/gOZjNni4lks

HulaHOOPing meeting

One month to go!

6th November 2015

Yesterday we had a great meeting with the 17 strong team. We were very happy to welcome two brand new HOOPsters, Maggie and Mark, to the challenge. With only one month to go we had loads to discuss!

Practice hike

First practice hike!

27th October 2015

With only six weeks to go until our challenge, a team practice hike was long overdue. So on Sunday we all hiked to the Kaupa waterfalls in Yura, about an hour away from Arequipa. We are now one step closer to our goal!


We're 70 per cent there!

21th October 2015

Only 21 days into the challenge we are already at 74% of our goal. We wanted to do something special to thank everyone who was donated to our campaign so far - especially to our very mysterious $5,000 donor! Check out our newest video to see the reactions of the volunteers when they find out we are past the halfway mark.

Thank you!

Thank you!

13th October 2015

We've been really overwhelmed and humbled by the response to our campaign so far. After less than two weeks, we have already received $6,500 in donations, including an astonishing $5,000 from an anonymous donor - whoever you are, we are incredibly grateful and will make sure your gift has the biggest impact possible in the community.

Mia with Hula HOOP sign

Check out our new video!

10th October 2015

We've launched our new video! We had a great time filming this video to help show more about HOOP and why we want to raise $10,000. Help spread the word about our campaign by sharing the video on Facebook!

Hula HOOP record logo

Fundraising campaign launch!

30th September 2015

Our comms team, Elise and Tom, have been working hard to get everything ready for our fundraising campaign launch... Including working with Jen, who designed our World Record logo, which we revealed today (thanks Jen!). Fingers crossed for a successful campaign to meet our fundraising target!  

Carlos found a hula HOOP!

We’ve found the perfect hula hoop!

28th September 2015

After searching through countless markets, sports shops and children’s toy stores, our hard-working expedition leaders, Julie and Elise (with help from local hula record challenger, Carlos) finally found the perfect hula hoop hidden in San Camilo market in downtown Arequipa. We are now one step closer to our goal!

Charlotte at first training

First Hula training

22nd September 2015

We had our first hula training session up at the school before lessons. Great progress from some of our hula newbies but there's still a long way to go! Charlotte from the USA is our hula coach. We hope we did a good job, Charlotte! 

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  1. Best of luck. I was in Peru including Arequipa for a month a few weeks ago and loved the country. Hope you are successful and don’t suffer too badly from altitude sickness.

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