At HOOP we are always open to new projects that support our vision of breaking the cycle of poverty in Flora Tristán.

Any new project at HOOP is developed with the needs and problems of the community in mind. That’s why we do a baseline study of at least 45 interviews to assess the community’s needs before developing appropriate solutions.

With a mission grounded in education, we are open to new educational projects that support our goals. Subjects such as math, science and Spanish, which are essential to succeed in public schools are just two areas in which we would like to develop more educational support.

Programs - Future Projects

Where possible, we think it is really important for families to get involved in the community, so we are developing more projects in social work and psychological support.

Having worked in Flora Tristán for several years, we have become a trusted resource, working with the community to directly address their needs. If you are interested in partnering with HOOP to develop a project that would benefit the people of Flora Tristán, please email