From running campaigns, to designing exercise and nutrition programs, to providing health screenings, HOOP is trying to do its part to decrease inequality in systematic resources in the health sector.

Peru has made amazing advancements in the infrastructure of its healthcare, yet inequality persists between rural and urban populations. Our own community, Flora Tristan, faces this obstacle, in that it’s a growing part of Arequipa, but without the support the rest of the city has. HOOP’s medical programming conducts outreach to educate the Flora Tristan community on health issues and available social services with the goal of increasing healthcare as a priority in Peru.

HOOP has partnered with institutions such as Angeles de la SaludLucha Contra la Ceguera, Liga Contra el Cáncer, and more to provide informational workshops for the people of Flora Tristan, addressing topics such as cancer prevention, mental health, ocular and dental health, and general medical concerns. Additionally, HOOP has worked with the Montalvo Institute of Arequipa to administer free haircuts to the community. Our most recent health campaign, performed in May of 2018, reached more than 200 members of the community.

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HOOP’s work in the community has yielded measurable results, showing a significant decrease in problems with dental health, ocular health, and many other health issues since the launch of these campaigns. Additionally, HOOP has expanded awareness of overall wellness through nutrition education, life skills workshops, and weekly aerobics programming for the mothers of Flora Tristan.

The next medical campaign takes place in September of 2018, and presents a special focus on diabetes screenings, nutrition, and legal rights, as well as general health.

Our Partners:

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Liga Contra el CáncerInstituto Montalvo

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