We help empower parents by facilitating community workshops, legal support, psychological support and many other services.

To help achieve our goals in education, we believe it is important to help create a positive family and community environment. This is one of the key aims of our social work program, led by our certified social worker, Marina Lobato.Programs - Social Work 3

Following an assessment of the social support needs in the community, we developed a social intervention plan aiming to foster critical thinking and a sense of community, as well as preventing social disorder and crime. We work closely with individuals and families through personal visits, and the community as a whole through workshops. We also use other approaches, such as group fitness classes and encouraging people to better use themselves as a resource.

See the amazing work that our social development program carries out every day in this video:

Marina also works closely with other professionals such as psychologists and lawyers, as well as institutions such as schools and municipalities to help improve the empowerment of community members.

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