Volunteers in the desert

One of the greatest advantages of volunteering with HOOP in Arequipa is without a doubt the amazing landscape that surrounds the city, and provides you with many possibilities for weekend trips and exciting places to explore. The national Peruvian holiday in late July, ‘El día de la Independencia’, and the following lesson-free week presented us … Continue reading Volunteers in the desert

Introducing our new volunteer coordinator

In this week’s blog, Julie Neisch tells us how she became HOOP’s new Volunteer Coordinator, and why it’s such an awesome job. I came to Arequipa in November, one month into a 6-month trip around South America. I was immediately drawn to the beauty of the city, the historic white center, the surrounding volcanoes, and … Continue reading Introducing our new volunteer coordinator

Intern interviews intern: an insight into HOOP’s comms team

Recently we’ve had a brand new pair of hands on deck in the HOOP communications team. In fact, the new addition to the team is… me (Maggie from New Zealand – hi!). Being the new comms intern, I decided to pick the brain of the older and wiser intern to get some further insight to … Continue reading Intern interviews intern: an insight into HOOP’s comms team

Fundraising Fun

With all the fun we’ve been having recently, it’s easy to forget that it was all in the name of fundraising. Our weekly pub quiz hosted at Wild Rover hostel seems to be getting busier every week, and to confirm our place as the trivia maestros of Arequipa, we started a new monthly quiz night … Continue reading Fundraising Fun

Migration: An Inside Story

Back in 1994, aged just 11, a girl named Rosa decided to leave her home and family in the countryside and move – alone – to Arequipa. Rosa’s story gives an insight into a much bigger picture; that every year, thousands of people make the difficult decision to move to the city in search of … Continue reading Migration: An Inside Story

Volunteer diaries: First Impressions of HOOP

In this week’s blog new volunteer Kina Abe from the United States gives us her first impressions of teaching at the HOOP school. It’s 6:30 pm and I’m squeezed in the back seat of an over packed Combi bus in between fellow volunteer Irene and an older woman falling asleep while cradling a tiny baby. The baby’s … Continue reading Volunteer diaries: First Impressions of HOOP