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In HOOP we help children to develop not only their learning skills but also improve their social skills and critical thinking.


Volunteer Opportunities

HOOP child being taught

Online English Teacher

If you’re fluent in English and enjoy teaching children, this is the place for you. We run classes of up to 7 students of similar ages and levels through WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any vacancies for new online teachers at the moment but we will be recruiting again soon.

HOOP children in class

Online Homework Help

If you’re fluent in Spanish and enjoy helping children overcome academic difficulties, this is the place for you.

Our Education Coordinator sends the homework and if it’s your specialty he will connect you with the student.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any vacancies for new homework help at the moment but we will be recruiting again soon.


Application Form




Training at the beginning for the volunteers to understand the project and ask any questions.

English classes:

  • Fluent in English
  • Basic to intermediate Spanish skills preferred
  • Experience working with children
  • Time to correct, and engage with the students under the supervision of the education coordinator

Homework Help:

  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Experience working with children
  • Ability to explain the subject the student needs help with
  • The homework will be sent by the Education Coordinator to a WhatsApp group, if a volunteer is available, he or she should offer themselves to help

English classes last one hour, 2:00pm to 3:00pm or 3:00pm to 4:00pm (Peru) every day, Monday to Friday.

Homework Help → Children send homework from 8:00am to 8:30pm (Peru), Monday to Friday. Regular homework shouldn’t take more than one hour to explain. We do not ask you to commit for 12 hours, but to have time (preferably in the mornings) to help the children.

English Classes:

Curriculum and methodologies will be provided. All the lesson plans are already designed. The lessons will run English learning activities using WhatsApp functionalities such as emojis, video, photos, audio etc.

Homework Help:

We give the volunteers the opportunity to adapt to the students requirements.

A commitment of at least a month is needed.

  • The opportunity to further your practical teaching experience in a friendly, welcoming, and supportive environment.
  • The chance to improve your overall understanding of the international development field.
  • A reference upon successful completion of the placement.