Dental Week – All people smile in the same language

With the great help of Odontologos Sin Fronteras/ Dentist Without
Borders, we had the opportunity to provide free dental aid to the community of Flora
Tristan from the 15th until the 20th of September.

Dentist Without Borders is an
organization with a multidisciplinary team of oral health professionals.
They are providing social projects, tools and consulting services, as well as
giving advice to companies, institutions, municipalities and regional governments
in order to improve dental health and the quality of life of citizens around the world. 

Photos by Robert Els
During the dental
week our classrooms were turned into a dental practise and with the help of Dentists Without Borders we were able to provide 329 treatments during 240 dental sessions. Almost 45%
of the treatments were dental restorations and 17% were
extractions. While the afternoons from Monday to Friday were used to
provide treatment to our students and their family, on Saturday we opened up the free treatment
to whole community of Flora Tristan as well. It was so exciting to see so many children
and their families benefit from these dental outreaches, which was only
made possible through the help of the 22 volunteer dentists from Dentist Without Borders.
Photo by Robert Els
The myth that dentists are scary were not confirmed by our children. The wonderful dentists just knew how to break the ice
with the kids.
Photo by Robert Els
little girl for example didn`t show any fear before or during the treatment. We are so
proud of our students for being so brave and really excited to see the new, healthy smiles on their faces.
These are just some of the wonderful dentists who volunteered their time to help our community
want to give a big thank you to all the volunteer dentists, coordinators and other
participants for helping implement this extremely important project. And to keep our students` teeth healthy we implemented a daily teeth brushing routine into all of our classes as well.

 – Written by Charlette Voss 

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