Healthy Body – Healthy Mind

This month we will focus our media and blog posts on
health. Since many of the families living in Flora Tristan have
nutritional deficiencies and no access to health care, HOOP is organizing several nutrition and health
workshops to learn about healthy diets and mental health. Seeing that it is
easier to learn in action than from books, we have organized various workshops with the children and the moms this year. This way it is more
certain that the ideas are also implemented on an every day basis in their private
The workshops are informing the community about unhealthy drinks and how many spoons of sugar for example fit in
just one small bottle of Inka Cola, amongst other things. Furthermore they get to know, what can happen to
their teeth, if they do not keep up and follow through with their oral hygiene.

It is very important to HOOP that the community learns about healthy nutrition and health in general. This for example includes simple things like having three daily meals, because if the
kids do not eat well, they can often not focus during class or achieve good grades. 

Since the workshops got initiated, there has definitely been
an increase of the awareness towards health matters. For that reason we would like to extend our health program next year and are pleased to announce a partnership with the Taiwanese Embassy (Oficina Economica y Cultural de Taipéi) who kindly provided us with a generous grant to extend our program to include psycholgical support, nutrition classes, hygiene classes, health assessments and treatments. We would like to thank the Taiwanese Government for their generous support und we can`t wait to implement the program next year.
Our two Taiwanese volunteers Nicole and Nikky, the Taiwanese Ambassador Jaime Wu, and our staff members Ali and Tammy in the Taiwanese Embassy

Written by Charlette Voss

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