HOOP Hero Award: Teresa!

At HOOP we’re really fortunate to have some fantastic supporters all over the world helping us continue the work we’re doing here in Flora Tristán. But it’s thanks to a few special people who have gone the extra mile to make sure HOOP continues to have an impact in the community today – without them, HOOP wouldn’t exist at all.

Back in May, we awarded our first ever HOOP Hero award to Dr Li, and at our recent anniversary party we were really lucky to welcome back another of HOOP’s co-founders, Teresa, who is the very deserving recipient of our second HOOP Hero award!

Teresa has not only navigated Peru’s bureaucratic maze to set up HOOP as a registered charity, she also held the role of our program director, volunteer coordinator, marketing director and board of directors. In fact, if there was a job to do, Teresa has done it.

She put in place the organizational structure and staff so we could continue the vision of HOOP. Simply put, HOOP woudn’t be here today if it weren’t for the hard work, passion and very impressive initiative of young Austrian girl who first came here three years ago.

Even back home in Austria, Teresa forms the foundation of this organization. She set us up as a registered charity as HOOP Austria, and gives us a steady steam of Austrian volunteers, who are all (almost!) as awesome as her. She has also raised around $60,000 USD for HOOP, making up a significant part of our financial support.

In the words of Dr Li “Without Teresa, there is no HOOP. She is a young, brave girl full of passion and love.”

So, on behalf of HOOP and the community of Flora Tristán, congratulations Teresa, you are a HOOP Hero!

Teresa's HOOP Hero Certificate
Teresa’s HOOP Hero Certificate

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