HOOP’s Emergency COVID-19 Campaign

Our families needs us now more than ever

In light of the global Coronavirus pandemic, the Peruvian government declared a nationwide quarantine on 16th March. This is now set to last until at least 12th April, although it could be extended once more. The only acceptable reasons to leave your house are to buy groceries and medicine, to seek medical attention, and to attend to essential legal issues. The police and army are on the streets of Arequipa to ensure that the new emergency measures are adhered to and a curfew is in place from 6pm to 5am. Many of you will also be facing similar situations in your own countries and we send you all of our love and solidarity across the globe during these unsettling times.

1.  The main square in Arequipa, empty due to quarantine. (Photo from the newspaper El Correo).

2. and 3. Local businesses and markets being closed down by the military (Photo from Peru 21 newspaper).

4. The government decrees mandatory social isolation, initially for 15 days. Photo from El Comercio newspaper).

How will these measures affect HOOP’S communities? 

These measures definitely help to curb the number of infections and protect the domestic health system. However, they also prevent informal workers (9.5 million people in Peru) from going out to earn a living. Informal workers, such as street vendors and day labourers, earn their wages on a day to day basis. They have little or no job security and do not have as many rights and protections as formal, salaried workers. As a result will be some of the hardest hit by the new rules.

Most of the families in our community find themselves in such a struggle. The majority of HOOP parents are themselves informal workers with precarious incomes who depend on going to work every day. The loss of earnings from even a few days can critically endanger the wellbeing of our beneficiaries. 

What will HOOP do to help?

Our families are looking to us to help them to get through this worrying time of economic uncertainty. To help relieve the current situation for those in need, we’re aiming to start distributing baskets filled with essential food to members of our communities in the impoverished neighbourhoods of north Arequipa. Our team has been working hard to obtain the correct permits to enable us to buy food in bulk and to travel to the communities to distribute the donations.

As a result, we’re asking HOOPsters across the globe for contributions for our brothers and sisters in need in Arequipa. Your contributions will help us obtain and distribute these emergency food baskets straight to families in need. In the happy case that we receive more money than needed to secure the basic immediate needs of our families, your financial support will be re-invested in our programmes to combat poverty in the long term. You can donate directly to our PayPal Account using the e-mail address volunteer@hoopperu.org. You can also visit our donation page to donate via our website.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the situation in Peru or the impact on our programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via Facebook or via e-mail at comms@hoop.ngo.

We know that many of you are also facing unsettling times wherever you are in the world. Let’s make these moments count and choose to stand in solidarity with our global brothers and sisters in need. We may be physically apart, but we can still stand together.

From the families of HOOP, thank you!

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