Preventing our families from Stress, Fear and Sadness

The COVID-19 pandemic and its countermeasures abruptly changed life in Peru and continues to impact the HOOP community in the north of Arequipa. Following our mission to work in partnership with our community we put them in the center of attention for our work and quickly adapted to the new challenges.

The situation has a strong negative impact on the mental wellbeing of our families:

We feel stressed being locked in our houses. The lockdown is terribly affecting our lives and family savings are vanishing day by day. The prices of food are rising. We are not able to go to work. (Carolina*)

We feel fear due to the risk of contaminating ourselves or our children. We fear going to the market because of the crowds of people there. We feel fear because people are dying from the virus every day. (Hilda*) 

We feel sad because our children cannot live a normal life. They cannot go to school. We don't know what they can do anymore. The lockdown is a terrible situation. (Nancy*)

Our priority and concern is the well-being of our families during the period of quarantine in Peru, which started on March 16th and is still ongoing. Most still cannot generate an income due to the fear of being detained and family savings are disappearing rapidly. 

Our Contribution

This is why we launched the campaign #LaCanastaSolidaria (#TheSolidaryBasket). Thanks to the fantastic support we’ve received during the past month we already distributed two rounds of baskets filled with nutritious food, and essential hygiene and infection prevention products on April 7th and April 22nd, with another round planned for May. 

The incredible support and help we’ve received from our donors and Ex-Hoopster network, alongside a new local collaboration with Arequipeñan business LeQara has enabled us to make a rapid shift from educational to humanitarian activities during this period.


Nevertheless, in the background, we’ve constantly been planning and reprogramming our projects for the upcoming year so that we can deliver the best services possible to our community as they face the direct and indirect challenges of during and in the aftermath of the quarantine. Naturally many programmed projects have had to be rethought.

Meanwhile at HOOP

While #LaCanastaSolidaria (#TheSolidariyBasket) relieves immediate hunger and stress, our programmes will focus on a sustainable long-term built-up of capacities among the HOOP community. We consider this to be the most important factor in breaking the cycle of poverty.  

  1. Our educational English programme will move online with lessons being brought into the homes of our families by content produced by our education coordinator and with the help of ex-volunteers.
  2. Our psychological services are being continued through a constant flow of information about mental health and through the continuation of counselling sessions over the phone.
  3. Our social work programme will prioritize workshops focusing on sustainably rebuilding financial capabilities, household economies and enhancing the resilience of our families for the upcoming tough months. 

Our pychology coordinator providing attention to one of our moms during the bakets Our Welfare Coordinator giving parenthood advice

*Our Psychology and Welfare Coordinators providing attention and advice to our moms during the food baskets giveout

We want to thank you for all the amazing support we have received during the past month responding to our campaign relieving the immediate hardships of quarantine. As the government announced the quarantine to be prolonged until at least the 12th of May, HOOP will keep on distributing food baskets. In order to do so we are happy to receive ongoing support by you for our #LaCanastaSolidaria Campaign.

For more information about the situation, our work and how you can help visit us on:

You can also directly donate per PayPal to:

HOOP is a Peruvian registered NGO whose vision is to break the cycle of poverty in impoverished communities in Arequipa. Our programs normally focus on delivering educational and after-school activities for women and children, to assist them in developing skills and knowledge to improve their quality of life, organize medical campaigns for the community, provide ongoing psychological services, legal and financial counseling and assist our moms in completing their elementary and secondary education. 

Nevertheless, due the lockdown in Peru, this year HOOP will focus on carrying out humanitarian campaigns to prevent our beneficiaries and people in need from going hungry and on our Social Work program, focusing on sustainably rebuilding financial capabilities, household economies and enhancing the resilience of our families for the upcoming tough months.

Writter by: Jannik Schulz - Fundraising Coordinator

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