Application Form

How to apply:

To apply to be a volunteer teacher, carefully fill out the application form below and hit send. Remember to include any relevant skills and experience! After reviewing your application, our volunteer coordinator will be in touch to set up a Skype call with you. As well as giving us a chance to find out more about you, this call is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you have about HOOP and volunteering with us.

Don’t forget…

  • Read through the volunteer role description before you apply!
  • The longer you can volunteer, the better! Our minimum stay is two months, but preference will be given to people who can stay longer.
  • Your commitment is to volunteer seven hours per day (including travel to and from school and lesson planning).
  • After offering a position, we ask for a criminal background check (available from your relevant national police department) and a character reference (from an employer or teacher/academic).
  • We have a one-off volunteer admin fee of $250 which helps cover the costs of volunteer recruitment, training and support (find out more about why we charge a fee and what it covers here). This can be paid by Paypal or via our donation form.
  • Once we confirm your volunteer placement, book your flights – and confirm with us your arrival date! If possible, we prefer volunteers to arrive at HOOP on a Wednesday and have their last day on a Friday.
  • Thanks – we look forward to receiving your application!