Emergency Food Packages

Our families are looking to us to help them to get through this worrying time of economic uncertainty. To help relieve the current situation for those in need, we will distribute baskets filled with essential food to members of our communities in the impoverished neighbourhoods of north Arequipa. With a food basket at home, the mothers can at least count on feeding their children with nutritious food. This gains them precious time and allows them to save resources to sustain themselves in the future.

We want to keep the virus as far as possible from our beloved communities, and to keep people as healthy, strong and happy as possible. Therefore, we’ll also include cleaning and personal hygiene products in our baskets, to help our families to fight infection and to help them look after their health.

Do you want to contribute to #LaCanastaSolidaria with a #SolidarityFoodBasket? Learn more about how to donate to our campaign here.