A relaxing time out

The mothers in the community we work with are women who are known for being hard-working and persistent, most of them are mothers who have sacrificed a lot to give their sons and daughters the best living conditions they can afford. That’s why our team from our Family Program, led by our Coordinator Lucia Cardenas, … Continue reading A relaxing time out

One Step Closer (Un paso más cerca) - Campaña para el año 2022

Our goal: $2500 Dates: November 17th – December 20th Media: Paypal, online merch (teespring) and local banks. The year’s ending, but our work continues. That is why we’re launching an end of the year fundraiser to help finance our projects and administrative expenses for the year 2022. We need everyone’s help to get one step … Continue reading One Step Closer – Fundraiser for 2022

Socio-Emotional Shelter

La pandemia nos ha pasado factura a todos, pero especialmente a los niños, cuyos estilos de vida han cambiado drásticamente, afectando su vida social y escolar. Los niños de HOOP no están exentos de esto, algunos de ellos han afrontado estos cambios a través de actividades familiares así como la interacción con sus hermanos, pero… Continue reading Socio-Emotional Shelter