The best decision I ever made was going to Peru to work as a Communications Coordinator for HOOP.

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Within my first weeks I was already in charge of a huge fundraising campaign; securing one third of the NGO’s budget for the year, managing and writing blogs, applying to grants, creating videos and helping to write the NGO’s Strategic Plan for the next five years. What I loved about my placement is that my tasks were suited to my interests, so I got to do things I really enjoy as well as acquiring new skills. Working in a smaller NGO also means that you will get lots of responsibility from day one – it’s challenging, but exciting.

Elise and kids

Something that was incredibly important to me is that HOOP works closely with the community, and implements programs based on their needs. Every week I would also go to the HOOP school to take photos or videos and also to play with the kids after class.

In addition to getting a crucial insight into how NGOs work, I have also been able to learn Spanish, and I’ve gotten to know Peru, its people and culture. I didn’t get paid, but working for HOOP has given me so much; it’s been one of the most unique experiences of my life.

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Communications internship in Latin America