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How it works



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HOOP Helper for Education

At HOOP we strongly believe in our vision to break the cycle of poverty in our communities and know that education is the right tool to do so. Each donation, no matter how small or large, can help us cover our Necessary Expenses (like school rent, books, teacher training…) and change the lives of many! You can learn about our 8 different classes below and choose which one you want to support.

While our Kindergarten provides a fun and safe environment to encourage the early childhood development of our youngest, the free English lessons open a variety of new opportunities for our older students. Besides being a frequent requirement to enter University, English is seen as a great advantage in Arequipa’s international tourism and mining industries. Like the British ambassador pointedly said,English is Empowerment“!
With further Homework Help, Cancha, extracurricular activities, Scholarships and mentoring for our graduates entering university, HOOP provides an ideal environment for all students to achieve their full potential!

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HOOP Helper for the HOOP Team

Our Team may not be as cute as the children we teach, or as inspiring as the mothers who come to our classes, but they work hard and relentlessly to help the communities in the best way they can. We truly believe that an experienced team is necessary to ensure the quality and success of our work and are fortunate to be working with motivated professionals committed to generating a long-lasting impact. Along side our volunteers, it is this group of people who put in the extra hours, always drive to improve, work on our strategic plan for the future and create some HOOP magic!  

By becoming a HOOP Helper for our team you will get regular updates from the office and help cover administrative expenses like our office rent and salaries. 

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