Although HOOP has been operating since 2012, the Flora Tristán English School has actually been around since 2008. The school offered a popular service in the community and had a steady intake of children. However, it was clear that the school needed to be formalised to help secure its sustainability and impact in the community.

So, in 2012, a group that included school staff and volunteers established HOOP as a registered Peruvian non-profit organisation. The five HOOP co-founders shared a vision for the organisation that would help ensure its work in the community would be meaningful, ethical and long-lasting.

HOOP has continued to grow ever since. As well as our after-school program, we have a Saturday club, plus several parents’ workshops per week about health, women’s empowerment, community development, and accessing employment. On top of this, we offer free psychological counselling and social services to individuals in need of extra support, and we work with local and international health professionals to deliver free health services and check-ups.

The relationship and trust we have with our beneficiaries is exceptional and allows us to work with the community to create a lasting impact on the lives of the families we work with. 

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Our values


We continually strive to earn and maintain the trust of HOOP stakeholders by doing high-quality, ethical, and impactful work to professional standards with transparent reporting.

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We extend the deepest amount of respect to our beneficiaries and believe all individuals should be treated equally, regardless of gender, race, background, or sexuality.


We believe that only by working in close partnership with our beneficiaries, staff, supporters and volunteers, can we successfully effect long-lasting social change.


Doing our part to reduce systemic inequality means striving for excellence, taking pride in our work, and being dedicated to providing the best possible services for the community.




Meet the co-founders

Julia Carson Little

Julia, from the USA, fulfilled the role of HOOP’s first volunteer coordinator and helped ensure a smooth start to our new-found status as a registered Peruvian non-profit. Julia established our first ever Human Resource policies, volunteer training, building a secure foundation for our steady growth since 2012. She studied Public Health at the University of Anglia Ruskin and is currently the Student Engagement Manager at The University of Nottingham.

Carmen Chavez

Carmen, from Peru, was HOOP’s first ever Director who led the foundation of the organisation in its early days as a non-profit. As well as establishing and managing our administration and finance systems, Carmen was involved in the legal process of registering HOOP with the relevant regulatory organisations. Since Carmen started working with the community of Flora Tirstán in 2008 she was the first contact person for the community and actively ran the parent meetings. She designed and implemented educational programs specifically for the mothers, as well as a leadership course for teenagers.

Shang Ju Li

Li, from Taiwan, is a medical doctor with a Master’s in Global Public Health currently working in New York. He was involved in the management of the school program in HOOP’s early days and has since spearheaded our health and scholarship programs, implemented multiple community surveys, built important partnerships for HOOP, and raised significant funds to sustain our growth. He continues supporting HOOP with regular onsite visits, grants applications, donor engagement and volunteer recruitment in Taiwan. Li is currently the Associate Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at AmeriCares and is measuring global health project impact across 14 countries.

Priya Loomba

Priya, from the UK, was the volunteer coordinator at the Flora Tristan English School prior to co-founding HOOP. Priya worked mainly on developing the governance, organisational structure and brand image along with UK design agency DOJO. Priya has a degree in Politics and Hispanic Studies from Liverpool University. She works in community development in the UK.

Teresa Schwarz

Teresa, from Austria, was dedicated to putting our governance and infrastructure in place. Once HOOP was off the ground and running, she returned to Austria and established HOOP as a charity in her home country. When she came for a three-month visit in 2015, she led the creation of our Five Year Strategic Plan. Teresa is currently studying for a Masters degree in Development Managment and continues to support HOOP with regular visits, fundraising, establishing partnerships, and recruiting European volunteers who share her passion for improving the lives of people from less fortunate backgrounds.