English can create opportunities for young people in Arequipa, so we offer free classes to anyone who wants to attend.

English has the potential to open the door to new opportunities for young people in Arequipa. As well as being a requirement for many universities and companies, English creates good prospects for people in Arequipa’s bustling tourism and mining industry. Despite the advantages of speaking English, most public schools in Peru only teach it in secondary school for approximately 2 hours a week. Most primary public schools do not have an English program at all. By giving young people the chance to learn English, HOOP helps boost their education and provide a way out of poverty.

Programs - Childrens English School

We offer free after-school English classes to any student who wants to attend in Flora Tristan and the surrounding communities.


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Why English?

The Word is Out: English is Empowerment

Teaching Kids How to Think, Instead of What to Think

Homework Help

Children have the chance to get additional support understanding what they learned at their local day-school.

Our homework help program gives children a chance to get additional support after school with their education. After the students finish their HOOP English lessons, our bilingual Spanish-English teachers and local volunteers run homework help sessions that are open to any students who need help understanding what they have been taught at their local day-school.


After class, it’s time for cancha (playground), which is a great chance for children to have fun together and develop teamwork skills.

After classroom activities, our international volunteers run our cancha (playground) program. This gives the children a chance to get involved in sports and games together. From volleyball, soccer and basketball to jump rope and other games, cancha is a great chance for children to develop teamwork skills, and form strong bonds with each other and the volunteers.