Volunteering: What does it mean?

As today is International Volunteer Day 2015, we decided to ask a couple of our volunteers what volunteering means to them. Join us in celebrating the incredibly important work volunteers do on local, national and international levels. Michelle Cartier-Archambault: “Everyone has their own reasons to volunteer, but when money is not involved and you’re willing to give … Continue reading Volunteering: What does it mean?

A day in the life of… Academic Coordinator

As well as having tonnes of great volunteers teaching English, HOOP has a small team of interns helping behind the scenes. One of them is Rhona Mackay (21) from the UK. Rhona made the awesome decision of doing a year abroad as part of her degree (in Hispanic studies and History), and joined HOOP as … Continue reading A day in the life of… Academic Coordinator

International Literacy Day

As this week marked the date of International Literacy Day, our School Coordinator Rhona Mackay from England (in the picture above) takes a look at the many (and sometimes surprising) benefits of literacy – and what HOOP does to help – in this week’s blog. Worldwide there are 775 million people aged 15+ without basic literacy … Continue reading International Literacy Day