How I died and then hula-hooped on a volcano

It was day one of the record attempt, and our four-wheel-drive car approached the final hill between us and the start of the Chachani hike. When we were within sight of our drop zone, on a steep section of the dusty track, our vehicle had had enough. After three hours of being tossed like a … Continue reading How I died and then hula-hooped on a volcano

Ending violence against women

Wednesday the 25th of November, several volunteers, the HOOP moms and I took to the streets of Arequipa to participate in the march encouraging the elimination of violence against women. With the sun shining bright, marching bands and banners, hundreds of women raised their voices about a cause so close to their hearts. The date … Continue reading Ending violence against women

HOOP Hero… Uncle Chris!

HOOP runs smoothly thanks to the support of awesome volunteers. But HOOP exists thanks to some very dedicated HOOP Heroes! So, to say thanks to some of our biggest supporters, we created the HOOP Hero Award. The very deserving winner of our third award has been a HOOPster right from the start. He has supported … Continue reading HOOP Hero… Uncle Chris!

Ain’t no mountain HOOP enough (World Record update)

For the past few weeks it’s been all about hula hooping, extinct volcanoes and world records here at HOOP. The reason is simple – we want to raise $10,000. We’re doing this by climbing Chachani, a 6057m high extinct volcano and hula hooping at the top to (hopefully) break the world record in high altitude … Continue reading Ain’t no mountain HOOP enough (World Record update)