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Flora Tristán is a community of people who took the bold step of migrating to Arequipa in search of  continues to suffer from a lack of self development opportunities: most of the mothers in the community did not progress beyond primary education, and more than half remain unemployed. Many children in the community don’t have access to adequate education. Our work is focused on providing the community with the advice necessary for them to overcome obstacles and develop personally and socially.


Sadly we’re not looking for volunteers at the moment.
Come back again in a few weeks and maybe we’ll have opening!

"What I enjoy most are the activities designed for the mothers and their children, the genuine concern everyone has to help and the number of volunteers that join expecting nothing in return. I think it truly is a community."
Adriana Meza (Family Program)

"The best thing about being in HOOP is feeling part of a great family where our days are summed up in learning, working as a team and accomplishing our objectives."
Kimberly Herrera (Human Resources)

"I like working at HOOP because it takes a holistic approach, offering various programs whose joined impact help each member in the community."
Cristabel Farroñay (Family Program)