I’ve volunteered with several organizations in Latin America. With all honesty HOOP has been the most organized and has given me the most satisfaction.

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In addition to the volunteering, the comradery among the international volunteers, Peruvian volunteers and staff will make your experience in Arequipa even greater! I wanted to try volunteering in a different country every year. It hasn’t quite turned out that way because I seem to keep going back to Arequipa. In fact, I’ve volunteered with HOOP on four different occasions and have never had a bad experience. And although I’ve volunteered all around the world, I think the volunteer experience at HOOP is just wonderful.


Arequipa just offers everything. Many volunteers seem to extend their stays as they find it difficult to say good bye to the lovely students and new friends.

Whether you’re fresh out of school or planning on doing something exciting and rewarding for a career break or in your retirement, I’d definitely recommend spending time volunteering in Arequipa.

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