What could be better than being part of an amazing organisation like HOOP once? Being part of HOOP twice, of course!

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I loved my experience of being a volunteer in 2015 so much within a month of being home I decided I wanted to come back as soon as I could.

Originally, I found HOOP when I wanted to travel to South America. As I had always been drawn to Peru, I wanted to combine my trip with using my skills as an English teacher to help people. As soon as you arrive at HOOP, everyone is so welcoming and you soon become part of the family. The children are wonderful. Sometimes they are cheeky, and sometimes they will bring baby rabbits hidden in their jackets to class. But overall it is such a joy to teach children who truly want to learn.

A great thing about being part of a small NGO is that you can get involved with lots of different projects. HOOP are always open and willing to let you try new ideas. I started an Art class which developed into a creative, well run project that continued after I left, and I was able to come back and throw lots of ambitious projects at our children! Another awesome change I noticed when I returned was within the mothers of HOOP, as through the social work programme they have learnt to work together as a team and support each other.

Living in Arequipa is so much fun, it’s a beautiful, lively city with plenty to explore at the weekends and a glorious sunset every single day when you take the bus home from school. The food is amazing and the locals are incredibly friendly. I really enjoyed practising my (previously non-existent) Spanish with them!

Being a HOOP volunteer means that you make lots of new friends from all over the world, and HOOPsters like to pass down our favourite places and local secrets to new volunteers!

If you want to be part of a wonderful NGO that is having a positive impact in the Flora Tristan community every single day, you should volunteer with HOOP. It was the best thing I’ve ever done. Twice.

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