Not only am I teaching but my students are teachers as well, the education is interchangeable as a teacher, and that’s what I love the most!

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I remember being in Middle School and always denouncing the option of one day becoming a teacher. “Who in their right minds would want to deal with kids all day?” I would always say to my mom when she asked me what career I was interested in, with this question I would always make it clear that being a teacher was not an option. Three months ago I had the enlightening opportunity to travel to India and live there for three months. I was in the infamous “The Beatles Ashram” located in the world renown hippie town of Rishikesh, India with my freshly shaved head, beaded necklace from another travel excursion, a tye dye shirt matching the cool vibes of Rishikesh, and my low crotch pants I purchased the day before I had a life changing realization.

“Let’s buy some paint Sergio.” Sergio and I were planning to go to “The Beatles Ashram.” But this trip to the Beatles Ashram wouldn’t have been complete without purchasing some paint. Sergio and I, like kids in a candy store were running through the Rishikesh streets dodging the sacred cows and hiding our bananas to be sure that a monkey wouldn’t rob us of our lunch. We found an arts and crafts store and well spent 15 Rupees on paint. We entered “The Beatles Ashram” and were taken aback by the striking beauty of the art covering every section of this abandoned place that resembled a jungle, with our music playing loudly we began to talk about the future with our paint brushes scattered everywhere. “So, like, what do you want to do when you graduate from college?” Sergio said, mirroring the exact same question and tone of voice that my mom once asked me.

I didn’t answer Sergio right away, instead I began to think. I always knew that I wanted to make a change in people’s lives who come from the same background as me. “I want to teach in schools in my neighborhood because I want kids to know that the amount of money you have does not have a single reflection on who or what you want to become in the future.” Now, I have contradicted myself, because my whole life I vowed to never teach. But, here I am in Arequipa, Peru teaching and it has been the most rewarding experience I have had in my life. Not only am I teaching but my students are teachers as well, the education is interchangeable as a teacher, and that’s what I love the most.


My first day starting to teach, I knew that not only my life would change but I would have such a profound impact on the students that I was teaching. Teaching the class Kangaroo taught me so much not only about teaching but about dreaming and life. Seeing my class explode with excitement when learning something new, or picking a country they want to travel to, learning about the culture, food and different tourist attractions gracefully snatched my heart out of my chest in such a loving way. To see my students work so diligently towards their futures, witnessing my students dream and seeing the change in their self confidence in believing that any dream can and will come true changed my outlook on life. Working with Kangaroo has helped me grow in ways deeper than I can express with words. Standing in front of the Kangaroo class and laughing with my students, being serious, holding conversations about the concept of love, hate or women’s rights showed me how much potential my students have. On my last day of teaching, I knew I had made an impact. My spirit will truly miss my little geniuses. My heart will forever be with all of my students. I want to say thank you to them and thank you to the parents who created these beautiful souls. You will never be forgotten, I promise. I’ll see you again, very soon, But until then, always remember to follow your dreams, never stop believing in yourself, and love yourself.

Thank you Kangaroo, Thank you so much.

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